1) Whole genome de novo sequencing
Sequence a species from the beginning without referencing any previous sequencing data. Decoding the whole genome sequence is one of the most effective methods of understanding a species.

2) Whole genome resequencing
Sequence an individual whose reference genome is already known. Based on a whole-genome scale for humans and other species, this enables discovery of novel variations to provide insight into gene variations.

3) Exomesequencing & target region sequencing
Selectively capture exomeswithin the coding regions of the human genome using a sequence capture platform.

4) Whole genome mapping
A Whole Genome Map is a high-resolution, ordered, whole genome restriction map generated from single DNA molecules extracted from bacteria, yeast, or other fungi. It is displayed in the MapCodepattern where the vertical lines indicate the locations of restriction sites, and the distance between the lines represent the restriction fragment size.