1) RNA-seq(Transcriptome)
Deliver unbiased information of all the transcripts, mRNA and non-coding RNA, of a particular tissue under a specific condition to enhance the study of differentially expressed genes and metabolic pathways. This product also includes optimization of gene structure, alternative spliced transcripts, and SNP analysis.

2) RNA-seq(Quantification)
Generate gene expression profiles for any species with reference genome sequence, provide access to mRNA transcription abundance analysis of one sample and perform differential gene expression screening of more than one sample.

3) Small RNA sequencing
Small RNA sequencing, a technology based on NGS, is the most reliable method for identification and profiling of small RNAs, including microRNA, siRNA, piRNAand rRNA. MicroRNAsin particular play a critical role in cell growth, development, differentiation and death. It provides closer insight into these molecular regulatory processes, as well as better understanding of the disease mechanisms.