1) BisulfiteSequencing
Bisulfite Sequencing is the gold standard for DNA methylationanalysis. Combining bisulfitetreatment and high-throughput sequencing generates high-accuracy methylome, providing reference for differential DNA methylationanalysis across large-scale samples.

2) Reduced representation Bisulfitesequencing (RRBS)
RRBS is a bisulfite-based method that enriches CG-rich parts of the genome, thereby reducing the amount of sequencing required while capturing the majority of promoters and other relevant genomic regions. The approach provides single-nucleotide resolution, is highly sensitive and provides quantitative DNA methylationmeasurements. Suitable for clinical samples.

3) MeDIP sequencing
Methylated DNA immunoprecipitation(MeDIP) is a large-scale (chromosome-or genome-wide) technology that is used for analyzing methylatedDNA sequences. Analyze DNA methylationsequences by isolating methylatedDNA fragments using an antibody raised against 5-methylcytosine. It is sensitive to highly methylated, high CpGdensities.

4) ChIP-seq
ChIP-Seq, also known as ChIP-Sequencing, is widely used to analyze protein interactions with DNA. It combines chromatin immunoprecipitation(ChIP) with massively parallel DNA sequencing to identify binding sites of DNA-associated proteins, and can be used to precisely map global binding sites for any protein of interest.