There are several bioinformatics cutting-edge technologies in their respective fields to maximizethe amount of information that can be gleaned from sequencing data. In addition, many analysis services of plant, and animal are available such as porcine, bovine, ovine, canine,Equine.Moreover,customizedanalysiscanbedesigneduponrequest.
Their analyses include:
  • Genome and Transcriptomede novo Assembly
  • Assembly involves methods to assemble short-sequencing reads into entire and accurate reference genomes.
  • Mapping of Genome, Transcriptome, Small RNA
  • Mapping involves methods used to compare novel sequences with a reference genome to detect variations, and to analyze different expression levels. For whole genome and transcriptomemapping, we use SOAPalignersoftware. Mutations like SNP, SV, SNV, CNV, and InDelare detected.
  • Annotation of Genome, Transcriptome, Small RNA
  • Annotation includes methods to add biological information to raw DNA sequence, identify the structural and functional elements, and integrate and display this information at a genomic level.
  • Advanced Analysis:
  • Wealso provides advanced bioinformatics analysis for various research purposes, such as Mendeliandiseases, complex diseases, cancer
  • and population analysis.
  • - Mendelian Disorder
  • - Complex Disease
  • - Cancer
  • - Population Genetics
  • - Comparative Genomics