Gene Synthesis

We have developed a novel technology which significantly reduces the gene synthesis time and cost. Therefore, you can order genes as conveniently as oligo. We have a very professional team.
DNA SynthesisService Description :
  • Approximately4關g of lyophilized plasmid DNA which contains synthetic gene.
  • Absolute confidentiality Gene synthesis order information and gene sequence information will be kept completely confidential.
  • We guarantee 100% match with your requested sequence.
  • Genes are cloned into one of our standard vector pUC57, pGH, pGE, pBluescriptII SK (+). If customer desires to clone the gene into a specified cloning vehicle, there will be an additional charge
  • For a codonoptimization service, please provide the following information:
  • Protein sequence or ORF DNA sequence.
  • Intended Latin name of host expression system.
  • Restriction sites at both ends.
  • Restriction sites that you want to avoid in the optimized sequence.
  • Restriction sites that you want to keep in the original sequence.
  • Direct Repeat (Forward repeat sequence)
  • Direct repeat sequence should be less than 20bp within 100bp.
  • Length Time
    돞 150bp 14-17 working days
    151 -500bp 14-17working days
    500 -1500bp 17-22working days
    1500 -2000bp 19-23working days
    2000 -3000bp 19-25working days
    3000 -5000bp 22-27working days
    5000 -8000bp 27-37working days
    돟 8000bp Please inquire