뿰援ъ슜(for Research)

蹂묒썝슜(for Clinical)
Key Features
1) A new standard for inverted microscopes defined by bright high-resolution images and unrivaled usability

the compact high-performance inverted microscopes ECLIPSE TS100 and TS100-F use Eco-illumination, a newly developed LED illumination. Eco-illumination provides enough brightness for phase contrast and NAMC observations. With a fly-eye lens, uniform brightness is provided in the entire field of view. LEDs are an environmentally friendly low-power-consumption light source. Eco-illumination provides a long lifetime of 60,000 hours and reduces the frequency of lamp replacement. A halogen illumination model is also available. Nikon's highly acclaimed CFI60 optical system is used, providing flat, sharp and clear images, while achieving longer working distances and higher numerical apertures.
2) 떒닚븯怨 而댄뙥듃븯硫댁꽌룄 LED瑜 씠슜븳 Eco-illumionation쑝濡 怨좏빐긽룄쓽 怨좎꽦뒫 뿭긽쁽誘멸꼍

3) 씤泥닿났븰쟻 뵒옄씤쑝濡 옣떆媛 愿李곗떆 렪由 Simple, strain-free operation

the coaxial coarse/fine focus knob located in front of and close to the operator makes operation at high magnifications easier than ever before.
4) 슚쑉쟻씠怨 移쒖닕븳 뒪뀒씠吏 Efficient, user-friendly stage

the stage features a low-profile design that is 195 mm high, making it the ideal size for a lab bench or safety hood. Even cell cultures on the bottom of a tall flask or stacking chamber vessel can be viewed, because there is 190 mm of space above the stage when the condenser is removed. Moreover, an acrylic stage ring makes it easy to confirm which objective is being used without removing the specimen from the stage.
5) Nikon듅쑀쓽 Apodized Ph濡 쐞긽李 愿李 꽦뒫 룺 뼢긽, 怨좊같쑉 愿李곗떆뿉룄 뼥由쇱씠 뾾뒗 긽썡븳 Focusing 옣移 옣李, 삎愿(TS100-F), 궗吏 옣移 諛 CCTV 遺李⑷뒫

Phase contrast microscopy has never been easier, thanks to Nikon's innovative Apodized Phase Contrast objectives
To improve images under this method, Nikon developed an innovative series of Apodized Phase Contrast objectives. these objectives produce images with excellent contrast and a much wider tonal range, shedding light on minute details within a specimen.
Conforcal Microscope(怨듭큹젏 쁽誘멸꼍)
Key Features
젅씠愿묒썝쓣 씠슜븯뿬 湲곗〈쁽誘멸꼍蹂대떎 빟 2諛 뜑 醫뗭 씠誘몄瑜 뼸쓣 닔 엳뒗 떎옱떎뒫븳 삎愿묓쁽誘멸꼍

Nikon confocal microscope system A1+ provides high-resolution imaging of up to 4096 x 4096 pixels with a galvano (non-resonant) scanner. With diverse innovative optical and electronic technologies, such as the VAAS pinhole unit, superior image quality has been achieved.
Key Features
Simple and robust the new generation of Nikon confocal instruments 쁽誘멸꼍 떎뿕떎쓽 븘닔뭹 >An essential microscopy laboratory instrument

the C2+ confocal microscope system is part of a new generation of Nikon confocal instruments designed to be essential laboratory microscopy tools. Built on a reputation of incredible stability and operational simplicity coupled with superior optical technologies and high-speed image acquisition of up to 100 fps*, the C2+ is the perfect tool for a new microscope, or as a new accessory to an existing Nikon imaging system.*With 8x zoom or larger