Gel-documentation System


  • GelPhoto2100C System Composition
  • High Sensitivity CCD Camera & Zoom lens .
  • Darkroom
  • UV Transilluminator
  • EtBr Orange Filter
  • Camera Control software
  • Feature
  • GelPhoto2100C is a superbly designed low cost documentation system featuring a unique combination of simplicity and versatility.
  • This economical system combines a High Sensitivity CCD Camera for capturing gels, plates and membranes.
  • The Transilluminator is fully enclosed but can be pulled out easily on a movable tray to allow visual examination of the gel and band extraction
  • The basic GelPhoto2100C design includes a CCD camera & Zoom Lens , darkroom cabinet, UV transilluminator, UV filter, and acquisition &
  • Image Modify software package.
  • The GelPhoto2100C System connects to your existing computer for a digital imaging system designed for low cost image acquisition and
  • documentation of gels, plates and membranes.
  • Fluorescent & Colorimetric Samples applications. - Agarose Gel(DNA) , Polyacrylamide Gel ( Protein stained ), X-ray Film , Petridish,
  • Membrane
  • Gel viewer windows
    (UV while allowing visualization of samples without opening the door)
    Sliding Filter Block( easy changeableEtBr Filter & Other Filters)
    Camera control Software

  • Digital color camera connects to your existing computer for
    camera and software control
  • Real time preview : Live display of the viewfinder data on a
    window on the PC( enabling easy sample positioning )
  • The acquisition toolbar includes features for image Release and
    focus adjustment, exposure time ,Zoom Control, Image size.
  • Saving file format : JPEG
  • Specification
    Camera and zoom lens High Sensitivity CCD Camera혻혻
    . Interline CCD image sensor
    . Total number of pixels: 1434 (H) 횞 1050 (V) approx. 1.50M pixels
    . Resolution H: 1360, V: 1024혻
    . Chip size: 7.60mm (H) 횞 6.20mm (V)
    . Unit cell size: 4.65關m (H) 횞 4.65關m (V)
    . Dynamic range ADC: 10 bit,혻
    . CCD Sensor : 1/2" Sony CCD, progressive scan
    . Exposure time : 1/10000 to 30 s혻
    . Frame rate : 30, 15, 7.5, 3.75 fps
    Macro Zoom lens : 8.5-51mm , Zoom 6X,혻 F1.0혻
    EtBr Filter혻 F590nm
    Darkroom Metallic case with door, White light source 13 watt x 2ea혻
    UV Safety switch혻
    Gel Viewer windows혻
    White light & UV , Camera Power Switch혻혻
    Height control possibility to the camera bracket
    Sliding Filter Block : 2 position 혻
    Dimensions with the table : 415(W)횞385(D)횞 600(H)mm혻
    Transilluminator Wave length : 312 nm,혻
    UV Tube : 8watt x 6 ea혻
    UV filter size : 200x 200 mm
    Dual Intensity, UV safety screen