Brief History

2003, Mar.27 - Established GNP(a private company)
- Distributor of TOYOBO(Japan) LifeScience products
2008, - Established TNTResearch Co., Ltd.
- Launch Taq. Polymerase, DNA ladder and buffers
2010, - Marketing NGS Service(BGI)
2011, - To relocate head office
- Launched Rice diagnostic test kit With RDA(Rural Development Administration)
2012, - To obtain 쏣xcellent Technique Certification from Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
- To start development of Bovine heat detection kit
2013, - To start SNP Genotyping Service
- Launched reagent related to Western Blot
TNT Research Co., Ltd. is a leading biotechnology company specialized in
  • 1) production of high quality product for genomics, proteomics and in vitro test kit
  • 2) service provider of nucleic acid extraction, DNA sequencing, genotyping and gene synthesis
  • 3) provider of reagents and instruments in biotechnology and life science.
  • We are always ready to serve researchers in life science and to provide comprehensive custom services to a broad range customers (farmer, fisherman, students, research institute, many kind of labs and etc.)